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Questions and Answers

Q1.  When do I have access to Blackboard 9.1 ?
A1.   On June 27, faculty will be able to access new Blackboard platform on our new Blackboard test server. Faculty needs to request a course shell to preview and test new Blackboard.

Q2. What’s the difference between the Blackboard test environment and the Blackboard official site?
A2.  The test environment is an identical system, as opposed to the official Blackboard course site – which hosts full official rosters and courses, only contains partial official rosters and course shells on it. The system is mainly used to test new functionality, tools, and updates for Blackboard so that we can avoid the interruption and reduce the downtime on the official Blackboard course site.   

Q3. Can I build my courses for fall semester in the test environment?
A3. While we will be fine-tuning Blackboard 9.1 on the test server, you may start building your courses as part of training experience. You may also experience some intermitt server interruption during the process. Please be advised that access provided to the test server is inteneded for training purpose and for faculty to get familiar with new Blackboard.

Q4. When can I access my fall semester’ courses on Blackboard 9.1?
A4. Blackboard 9.1 official site has been re-scheduled to be ready by August 11. All faculty members (full time and adjuncts) and the registered students will be on the new system and all courses for fall semester will be accessible to faculty.  

Q5. I have built my courses in the current Blackboard system (Bb 8.0). How can I transfer course materials toBlackboard 9.1?
A5. All courses hosted the current Blackboard system (Blackboard 8) will need to be imported to new Blackboard (Blackboard 9.1) manually by either faculty members or with the assistance from Blackboard Administrator.

Q6. If I have more questions, whom should I contact?
A6. Yifeng Bai, Director of CTLT, is Blackboard System Administrator and responsible for faculty Blackboard support and training.  He is available most time during the day Monday through Thursday in the summer.  His office is located in the College Library, Lower Level Room L05 in the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology.
        Yifeng Bai
        Phone: 973-748-9000 ext 790
        Email: yifeng_bai@bloomfield.edu

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