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If you wish to download certain areas of your course, you would use the Exporting option. You can then import those materials into another course within Blackboard.

  1. Select Export Course from the Course Options area in the Control Panel. You are directed to Export/Archive Manager Page

  2. Click Export Course icon
  3. on Export Manager page, select which materials you would like to include in your export package. For example, if you wish to include all content areas, but are not interested in exporting the Announcements, you can select these areas appropriately.

  4. Click Submit.
    A action acknowledge message is displayed. Instructor will receive a message when a zipped package will be generated.

  5. Right click the link provided to download or Save As

  6. Save the .zip file to somewhere on your hard drive where you will remember to retrieve it.

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Export Course

Import Course

Import Course

  1. From the Control Panel, select Import Package from the Course Options area. (Note: You will need to have an exported or archived course package from a previous offering in order to do this. That file will be a .zip file).
  2. Your Destination Course ID will already be determined.
  3. Select the course package you would like to import from by selecting Browse and browsing your hard drive for the course files (.zip file).
  4. Select which course materials you would like to import, such as Announcements, Discussion Board, Tests, etc.
  5. Select Submit
  6. You will be sent an email when the course importation is complete.

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