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Managing Course Site

Customize Course Menu

Add a Course Tool

  1. Under Course Options area, select Manage Course Menu.
  2. Select Add Tool from the drop-down menu
    (ie., Dropbox, Email, Glossary, Manual, Roster, My Grades, Tools Area, etc.)
    -- Enter a name for this area.
    -- Determine "Guest Access" and area "Availability"
  3. Click Submit.

More About Customizing Course Site...

Add Content Areas

Modify and Remove Content Areas

Add a Course Tool

Add a Course Link

Add an External Link

Add a course Link

Link to a specific area of your Blackboard course, such as to the Discussion Boards area within Communication.

    1. Enter the name of the content area
    2. Click "Browse" to select the area to which you are creating a link
    3. Determine "Guest Access" and area "Availability".

Add an External Lnik

  1. Link to a specific Web site outside of Blackboard.
  2. Enter the content area name
  3. Enter the full URL in the "Target" window.
  4. Determine if link should launch in a new window
  5. Determine "Guest Access" and area "Availability".

Select Order of Content Areas

1. Select the order of item in the content areas,from the numbered drop-down menus next to the content area titles.


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