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Managing Assignments

Downloading Assignments

When a student submits an Assignment it will appear in the Grade Center, where the instructor can access and grade it. The Instructor can download student assignments and save them.

  • Access your course, select Control Panel.
  • Select Grade Center.
  • Locate the assignment column you would like to download,click the Down Arrow next to it.
  • Select Assignment File Download from the drop-down menu.



  • In the Download Assignment window, select the check box for a student or select one of the following options:
    -- Select All: select this option to download the files for all of the students on the list who have submitted assignments.
    -- Select Ungraded: select this option to select the check-boxes and download the files for those students whose assignments have not been graded.
    -- Unselect All: only select this option to undo either of the above selections.
  • Select Submit.
  • Select the Download assignments now text link.

  • Select Save in the File Download window and save the Assignment Package File to your local computer or H:/Drive.
  • Select OK to return to the Grade Center.

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Opening Downloaded Assignments
Important Note: As with course export files, Blackboard saves downloaded assignments as .zip packages, which can be opened using any program, such as WinZip, that reads .zip files.

  • Navigate to the location on your computer where you saved the downloaded assignments to.
  • Open the .zip package file you downloaded by using an unzip program.

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