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Policies & Procedures

What Information Can I Find in This Section?
1. Use of Blackboard
2. Access Privilege
3. Intellectual Property 4. Instructor Responsibilities
5. Course Shells Availability 6. Course Roster Upload
7 Course Lifecycle 8. Course Backup and Recovery

  • Use of Blackboard
  • Access Privilege
  • Intellectual Property
  • Instructor Responsibilities
  • Course Shells Availability
  • Course Roster Upload
  • Course Lifecycle
  • Course Backup & Recovery
General Use of Blackboard

No user or administrator of the Blackboard system should use it in any way that could:

  • Do damage to normal access to, materials placed on, or the performance of the system
  • Infringe on the privacy of any user of the system
  • Infringe on the ownership and intellectual property rights of anyone who has placed materials on the system
The administrators of Blackboard will make every effort to:
  • safeguard the privacy of individuals using the system
  • limit access to materials placed on the system to the individuals specified by faculty who request course sites

There will be no unauthorized reuse, copying, or modification (i.e., removal from the system) of materials posted by either faculty or students on Blackboard.

Access Privilege

Access to Bb course management software, materials, and affiliated online tools will be granted as follows:
One User Account -- All BC students, faculty, and staff have one Bb account apiece that will be used for all of their Bb activities. Even if these individuals are not involved with a course or organization that is currently utilizing Bb, they will be able to use the calendar, task, organization sites, and other tools/features that are course-independent. Access to the Bb system will be attained using the BC network user ID (username and password).

Student Access -- Students who are registered for classes with Bb components will be given full access to those course sites each semester. Instructors may, at their discretion, provide full access to their course site(s) to currently enrolled BC students who are not yet registered for the course, or who are in the process of adding the course to their schedule. At present, instructors are responsible for adding students to their course sites so that students can access the course sites. When students drop courses, instructors are responsible for removing students from the course sites.

Intellectual Property

Faculty are strongly encouraged to respect the property of others by obeying copyright law and requesting permission, when appropriate, before using the work of others.

Posting Copyrighted Materials

  • All materials placed on the Blackboard servers by faculty and students are governed by the general intellectual property policy of Bloomfield College.
  • The Blackboard system is intended solely for support for teaching and learning at Bloomfield College.
  • No use will be made of any materials posted by faculty and students on these servers other than those intended by the faculty member teaching the course.
  • The faculty member teaching the course is responsible for informing students about the use he or she will make of materials that students post on the system.
Instructor Responsibilities

Before and Beginning of New Semester
In order to utilize Blackboard for your class, in generally, instructors need to make sure to:

  • Have a BC email account and a Blackboard account, contact the IT Helpdesk if you don't have one.
  • Log in to Balckboard to make sure your courses accessible. Or contact Blackboard Administrator to add your courses if you are assigned to teach a course later not in the original course shedule.

Instructors are responsible for copying their course materials into the new course shells in Blackboard

Instructors are responsible for making their courses available for your students. If you don't make the Blackboard course available, your students will not see it or know that it exists.

Instructors are responsible for enrolling students into your course per the roster from the Registrar's Office after the initial roster is uploaded by system. For instruction how to enroll, list and remove students in your course, read Users Management Section.

End of Semester
At the end of each semester, when semester is over, instructors are responsible for making the course unavailable, downloading gradebook, making backup copy of each of course sites.
See Notes for End of Semester for details
Course Shells Availability

Blackboard course shells will be created by system administrator about two weeks when new course schedule is released prior to advising period for next semester. However, when a course is not assigned to a specific instructor, the courses will not be available then. An announcement about course shells availability will be posted on Blackboard portal page as well.

Course Roster Upload

The course roster for all courses will be uploaded by Blackboard adminitrator two days prior to the start of new term as of the record in the Registrar's Office on the schedule date. If you have special request, such as combining roster from different sections into one section, upload dourse earlier than the scheduled date, you need to contact Blackboard Administrator as early as possible..

NOTE: Once the course roster is uploaded, any change made in the registration will be not autiomatically reflected in Blackboard courses. it's instructor's responsibilities to update roster. See instruction in User Management.

Course LIfecycle - Availability of Blackboard Courses Beyond the Semester

Beyond the semester taught, Blackboard course sites remain on the Blackboard server (but are unavailable to students unless the instructor chooses to grant continuing access) for two academic years. For example:

  • Course NUR225 for fall 2006 semester will remain on the Blackboard server until the beginning of the fall 2008 semester
  • Course MTH113 for spring 2007 semester will remain on the Blackboard server until the beginning of the spring 2009 semester.
  • Course CMP126 for summer 2008 session will remain on the Blackboard server until the beginning of the summer 2010 session

The instructor can grant continued access to the entire class (i.e., course availability to ALL the students enrolled in the course).

If there are only certain students (e.g., students trying to make up incomplete grades) who require continued access, faculty can make special arrangement. Contact Blackboard Administrator for details.

NOTE: The courses on Blackboard server beyond two years period will be removed two weeks after class starts each semester.

Issues associated with course availability to students beyond the semester
Students will be able to make changes in the Blackboard course (Discussion Boards, Dropboxes, etc.)
Note: It is up to the instructor to retain/back up any changes made to a Blackboard course beyond the semester taught.

The course will continue to appear on students' "My Blackboard" page along with their current classes until instructors make unavailable.

Course Backup and Recovery

Although routine backups of Blackboard will be made, we cannot absolutely guarantee that any of the information placed on Blackboard will not be lost. For this reason, faculty are responsible for retaining their own copies of all pieces of information placed on the Blackboard system if loss of that information would prove damaging.

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