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Students > Using Blackboard > Submitting Assignments

Submitting Assignments


If your instructor is using Blackboard's assignment feature, you will be able to download and submit documents pertaining to a specific assignment via an assignment link. Please note that each instructor may choose to receive documents differently, and not all instructors will use Blackboard's assignment feature.


Special Notes:

1. By default, you are allowed only once to submit assignments. If you accidently submitted a wrong assignementonce, you need to contact your instructor so that your instructor can reset the assignemnt and you can re-submit the assignemnt.

2. DON'T USE any special character in your file name, such as "#","&"," %","!", "$", etc. These symbol are normally reserved for system, misusing them could casue the errors on Blackboard.


A Blackboard assignment can be identified by the notebook icon with a green checkmark, and will always have a link to the assignment below the instructions.

>> View/Complete Assignment:

Downloading an Attachment

If your instructor has posted an attachment that requires you edit the attachment, you will need to download the document to your local computer before you can make changes to it.
To save an attachment

  1. Right-Click on the attachment link,
  2. Select "Save Target As," or "Save Link As," from the context menu
  3. Select a location on your local computer (remember where you saved document!)
  4. Click "Save" button.

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Attaching Documents

To attach a document to your assignment,

  1. Click the Browse button located next to the Attach Local File box.
  2. Browse to the file you wish to upload
  3. Select it and click the "Open" button within your browse menu
    Note: If you need to attach multiple documents, click the Add Another File button below.

    You can remove any documents you have already uploaded by clicking the Remove button next to the document.

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Saving an Assignment

You can save a partially completed assignment by clicking the Save button. Any comments or attachments you have uploaded will be saved so that you may resume work at a later time. A padlock will appear in the Gradebook indicating that the assignment is in progress.

Your instructor will not be able to view your comments or attachments until you have submitted the assignment using the Submit button.

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Submitting an Assignment

Once you have attached any required documents and provided any comments you may need to send, click the Submit button to send the documents and comments to your instructor. Once an assignment has been submitted an exclamation point will appear in the Blackboard gradebook.

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