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Students > Using Blackboard > Posting to a Discussion Board

Posting to a Discussion Board


Overview of Discussion Board

The Discussion Board tool lets you participate in the online conversations and communication in your coruses asynchronously. each participant can post at a different time. Blackboard groups conversations by forums in "threads" and "postings." A thread is a series of messages on a particular topic; each thread contains a main posting and all the related replies. Each reply message is an individual contribution to the conversation.

Reading/Posting in Discussion Board

To Access Discussion Board
  1. Log into Blackboard and enter your course
  2. Click Discussion Board on the Course Menu or from the Communication area
  3. Click a Forum title(or topic) you want to enter
  4. A page will appear listing all postings in that forum, click on the posting you want to read.
To Post to the Discussion Board

Users can reply to existing postings, or start new threads.

To Reply to Existing Postings:

  • (continue from step 4 above, click the "Reply" button and the "Response" page will open. Type your reply to the thread in the "Message" field, and click the "Submit" button to submit your reply.

To Start a New Thread

  • Click the Add New Thread button, the Create New Message page will appear.
  • Enter a subject for the new thread in the "Subject" field, and then type your message in the Message field.
  • Click the Submit button to submit the new thread.

Note: If your message is not finalized, you can click the Save button to save it as draft so you have a chance to revise it before posting it. Once your message is posted, yoiu cannot modify or remove it.

Collecting Discussion Threads

This will allow you to read all the postings on one page. While you are in the discussion forum,

  1. click on the Show Options tab
  2. Selct Select All option and click the Go button

Discussion Board Environment: Course Discussions

Course Discussions can be viewed in a Tree View, in which the post titles to a particular thread are visible, or LIst view, in which only the oroginal/the first post are visible. The user must select the Tree View icon located on the right side of the Course Discussions page. Selecting a post from the Course Discussions page will navigate the user to the Thread Detail page and will display the post as well.

On the action toolbar, there are new icons. Mark Read and Mark Unread allow student to classify which threads have been read or not.
The Search area has been rolled up into a graphic icon of a magnifying glass. Selecting this icon will drop down the search area. Within the Search tool, it is now possible to search by both date and time.

To collape the search box, click the X checkbox.

Discussion Board Environment:Collections

To read all posts under a thread in one page, users can select posts individually or choose Select All from the drop down list, and click Go to seelct all posts, and then click the Collect button from the Action bar.

As you can see from above figure, within the action bar, there are icons for Mark Read and Mark Unread.

  • Within the Filter action bar, the user will notice a filter that includes filters for Author, Status, and Read Status.
  • Under the filter bar, the user can sort by a number of options, and choose the order in which they are displayed.
  • Within each post, the Instructor has the ability to Reply, Quote, and Mark as Unread


Discussion Board Environment:Thread Detail

Once a thread has been select to read, a Thread detail page opens. Within the action bar are the icons to Flag, Clear Flag, and Subscribe. As well, there are the icons to Mark Read and Mark Unread

Subscribe and Unsubscribe icons allow users to subscribe or unsubscribe to a thread, when there is new post to the thread, an alert message will be sent to subscriber's email. A Set Flag button has been added, allowing the user to indicate a thread with a flag.

  • Within a thread, a new Reply button has been added to open reply message box to the original thread post.
  • User can navigate to both the Previous Post and the Next Post.
  • A Quote icon is located within the action bar of a post. Selecting the icon to include the text from the post to which the user is responding in the the Reply to Post.


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