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Students > Using Blackboard > Using the Digital Dropbox

Using the Digital Dropbox

  • About the Digital Dropbox
  • Accessing the Dropbox
  • Adding Files
  • Sending Files
  • Managing the Dropbox

What Is the Digital Dropbox?

Digital Drop Box feature is designed to facilitate file exchange between students and instructors within the Blackboard system. The drop box feature is generally used as a method to submit homework assignments and papers for grading and/or revision. It lets you add files and download later, send files to your instructor, and download files that you or your instructor has placed in the drop box.

Not all instructors choose to use the Digital Drop Box feature. You should always submit assignments according to the guidelines your instructor has provided.

Where Do I Access the Digital Dropbox

By default, the Digital Drop Box is available under the “Student Tools” section of your course menu.

  1. Click the Tools button from the Navigation Menu Bar.
  2. Then, click Digital Drop Box
    dropbox link

Within he Digital Drop Box area, You have two options:

  • Add a File to the dropbox, but do not send it to anyone. The file is uploaded to the Blackboard server and is stored in your drop box.
  • Send a File to one or more recipients. With Send a File, you can either send out a file that was already stored in the drop box or upload and send a file in one process.

Adding a File

  1. Go to the Digital Dropbox area
  2. Click the Add File button>
  3. In the dialog box, enter a title and any comments you might have concerning the file you want to add

    4. Click the Browse button, then locate and select the file you will be exchanging. After you have selected the file; click the Submit button.

Sending a File Already In the Dropbox

  1. Open the drop box
  2. Click the Send File button
  3. In the dialog box that opens, select the file that you wish to send from the drop-down menu
  4. click Submit


Uploading and Sending a File in One Step

If you want to send a file that is not already in your digital drop box, you can do adding and sending in one process. Follow the steps below::
1. Open the dropbox.
2. Click the Send File button.
3. In the dialog box that opens enter a name for the file.
4. Enter any comments you wish to share about the file.
5. Click the Browse button and select the file.
6. When you have selected the file, click Submit.

Managing the Dropbox

Downlaoding an Item from the Dropbox
If you wish to download an file from the Digital Drop Box, right-button click the file name; select Save Target As.., choose a location in your computer, and click the Save button.

Removing an Item from the Dropbox
If you wish to delete the file from the Digital Dropbox, click the Remove button located on the right side.

Note: You can't remove any item sent to your instructor.









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