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Student Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a web-based course management system. It allows professors to post their syllabi, course lecture notes, quizzes, review materials, even have a discussion online with their students. Blackboard is password protected, so only registered students can access a course. Because Blackboard is on the web, students can access their course materials any time and anywhere that has a connection to the Internet.

Am I required to use Blackboard?

Whether you should use Blackboard or not depends upon your instructor. Your instructor will tell you if your class will be using Blackboard, and will provide directions in how to access the Blackboard course site.

Could I use my Gmail or Yahoo email address in Blackboard? Why is this important?
At present time, Bloomfield College requires all students use their campus email addresses associated with their Blackboard account because your instructors will send you email to that address in Blackboard. When your Blackboard account was created, the default email address used was your Bloomfield College email. In addition, all email messages sent to Gmail/Yahoo that do not have a specified "To:" field are considered junk mail by their mail systems. All messages sent from Blackboard leave the "To:" field blank; therefore, they all wind up in your email account's junk mail folder.


Access and Login

How do I get a Blackboard account?

All currently registered Bloomfield College students have a Blackboard user account. When you are officially registered in Bloomfield College, you are automatically in the Blackboard System. To access your course on Blackboard, you will need to know your username and password. Your username and password are the same as your email username and password, see About Your Account under Getting Started for more info. If you cannot access Blackboard, contact the IT Helpdesk in Talbott Hall(ext 224) for assistance.

When I try to access Blackboard, I receive a login error message.

Confirm that you are using the correct username and password. Your login username and password are also same as your email login username and password.
If you continue to have problems logging in and cannot access your course(s), come to the IT Help Desk in Talbott Hall with your student ID for assistance.

When I attempt to connect to Blackboard, I get a message stating Browser Cookies Disabled. What should I do?

"Cookies" are special files that Blackboard places on your computer to keep track of your current session after you login, and they are crucial to the proper operation of Blackboard. Determine the version of your Web browser, and follow the instructions for enabling cookies in your browser under Technical Requirements Section - Tuneup web Browser on this Web Site.

I am unable to connect to the Blackboard server. What ís wrong?

If you attempt to connect your web browser to Blackbaord and you receive a message stating site unknown, cannot find server, unable to locate the server or something similar, there are a few things you can check before reporting a problem:

  • You may have mistyped the address. Try retyping it.
    The correct address is
  • If you are connecting from off-campus (such as at home), there may be a network problem between you and the Blackboard server.
  • If you are able to log into and view another site on the college's server, then the Blackboard server may be temporarily unavailable. Try connect again later
  • If you are using an ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as AOL, or Comcast, try accessing another site such as, if you can't access this site, then the problem is with your ISP and you may need to contact them for help.

I don't see my class listed when I log into Blackboard

It may be the case that either the course is not available yet at the time you logged in, or you are not enrolled in the course. In either case you should talk to your instructor first.

My instructor said that the course documents are online, how do I access them?
All enrolled students can access their Blackboard courses by logging in to Blackboard course. you should see your course(s). Normally, the course matrerials are posted under such sections as Course Documents, Lecture Notes, etc. Looking for these names in the navaigation menu in the course. You can find more information about how to access content in Blackboard, go to Accessing Content under Using Blackboard on this Website.
When I try to view a file by clicking on it in Blackboard, a message tells me the file cannot be opened

If you cannot open a file in browser, you can download it to your local computer and open it with a proper application. Depending upon the browser (IE, Firefox, or Safari) computer (Mac or PC), and Mouse you can download the file by:

  1. Right-Click on the file link, choose Save Link As..(Windows, Firefox)
    or Right-Click on the file link, choose Save Target As..(Windows, IE)
  2. In the Save As screen, choose a location
  3. Click on the Save button to save the file to your computer
  4. Start the Program that will open the file (ex. PowerPoint)
  5. File >Open the file from the program

After clicking on an uploaded file I get a HTTP Status error..

When placing files into Blackboard as a Discussion Board attachment, Email attachment, Course Materials attachment, Assignment attachment or as an attachment in the Digital Dropbox, it is important to name the files properly before attaching them.

DO NOT USE THE SPECIAL CHARACTERS IN YOUR FILE NAMES, such as "#", "&", "%", "@", "!", "/","\", "*",".", ";", "'", etc. as they are normally reserved for computer system or have special meanings to system. they may trig diffrent response by the computer systems, or cause an error. Below are a few file-naming conventions that should be followed. File names should not be longer than 32 characters including the file extension (.doc)


  • myEssay.doc
  • myEssay1.doc
  • my_essay_1.doc


  • joe research paper .doc
  • joe's-reseaerch-paper.doc
  • journal#1.doc
  • joe&anna project.doc
  • assignment#1.doc

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