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Students > Using Blackboard > Submitting Safe Assignments

Submitting Safe Assignments

  • About Safe Assignment
  • Submitting a Paper
  • Special Notes

What is a Safe Assignemnt

A SafeAssignement is a writing assignment usually in the format of text file or web page html file, which is submitted to sasfeAssign – a Blackboard’s online plagiarism prevention service to detect unoriginal content in a paper.

Where to submit a paper for SafeAssignments?

Depending upon how your instructor set up Blackboard course site, SafeAssignments appear in content areas throughout courses.

What are supported file types for SafeAssignments?

SafeAssign accepts files in Microsoft Word (docx and doc)/ TXT / RTF / HTML / PDF formats only. Now Safe Assignment supports Microsoft Word 2007 documents. Please DO NOT upload files in any other formats.


How to submit a SafeAssignment

The Add SafeAssignment page includes the following fields.




Displays the tile of the SafeAssignment.


Displays the instructions for the SafeAssignment.


Enter any comments for the Instructor in this field.

File to Attach

Click Browse to locate a file to upload as a SafeAssignment.

Global Reference Database

You have the option to volunteer your paper to the Global Database that will allow other papers from other institutions to be checked against yours to protect the originality of your work across institutions.

Follow these steps to submit to a SafeAssignment:
1. From a content area within a course, select the SafeAssignment and click View/Complete

2. The Upload SafeAssignment page will appear

3. Complete the page and click Submit.

What happens after submission of your paper? and how to read a Safe Assign Report? Click to find out more detailed Information about Safe Assignment (Open in a new Window).
Special Notes:
  1. By default, you are allowed only once to submit assignments. If you accidently submitted a wrong assignementonce, you need to contact your instructor so that your instructor can reset the assignemnt and you can re-submit the assignemnt.
  2. DON'T USE any special character in your file name, such as "#","&"," %","!", "$", etc. These symbols are normally reserved for system, misusing them could casue the errors on Blackboard.





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