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Getting Started


Blackboard Issues

  • Vista - At this time, Blackboard Inc. has not certified Windows Vista with Blackboard 7. Keep your Vista operating system up to date to avoid problems.

  • Browsers - IE 7 and Firefox 2.0 are compatible with Blackboard 7.3. Keep your browser up to date to avoid problems.

  • Visual Textbox Editor - If the Visual Textbox editor does not appear, switch to the plain text box editor by clicking on Personal Information > Set Visual Text Box Editor Options > Set Availability to Unavailable.

  • Java - Blackboard Virtual Classroom does not support Java at this time. Non-Vista users need to have Java 1.5 installed to use the Virtual Classroom feature.

As you look to get started using Blackboard, review the various resources available throughout this site.

What You Need to Use Blackboard
  • Your Blackboard User Name
  • Your Password
  • Hardware
  • Internet browser

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