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Taking Assessments


Blackboard does not differentiate between quizzes and tests. Blackboard calls both tests and quizzes assessments. It all depends upon how your instructor call them in your course. A survey tool is also available under Blackboard Assessment tools. a survey too. Surveys can be also conduced on Blackboard.

Before you begin taking assessments in Blackboard, there are a few things you need to pay atten to so that you can ensure your quizzes and tests are submitted successfully.

Before you take the assessment

Make sure you are using a supported browser. The AOL browser is NOT supported by Blackboard.

Make sure any Pop-up blocking software is disabled. Pop-up blockers will prevent some assessments, and saved answer confirmations, from opening in a new window.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are using a supported computer configuration(see technical requirements for more info). Computers in the labs on campus are configured to support Blackboard functions.

Give yourself ample time to take the assessment. You should prepare to sit down and complete the assessment just as you would in a classroom environment.

During the assessment

Focus on completing the assessment. Do not open any other additional software applications, check email, or browse the Internet in other windows.

Do not use your browser’s back button during the assessment. If the assessment is displayed one question at a time,use the navigation buttons built into the assessment.

Do not leave the computer idle while an assessment is in progress. Your Blackboard session will automatically end after three hours of inactivity.

Save your work frequently! Use the Save button at the bottom of the assessment to save your work as you complete the assessment. Your instructor will be able to see any answers you have saved. Saving your work also updates your Blackboard session, ensuring you will not be logged out due to inactivity.

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Types of Tests

Each Blackboard assessment may be configured differently. The testing options for each assessment will be listed at the top of the assessment in the Instructions area.

Assessment Display

Depending on how your instructor set up assessments, you will see questions in either of the following two ways

  • All at once – All questions are displayed on a single page. The "Save" and "Submit" buttons located at the bottom of the assessment.
  • One at a time – The assessment is presented to the student one question at a time. Navigation buttons listed at the bottom within the assessment. USE these buttons only to navigate between questions. Your answers will automatically be saved each time you move to a new question.

Force Completion

The force completion option indicates whether or not you may save an assessment and then resume the assessment at a later time.

This Test must be completed now. It cannot be resumed later – The entire assessment must be completed and submitted back to Blackboard for grading. You will not be able to resume the assessment at a later time.

This Test can be saved and resumed later – Students are allowed to save their answers, exit the assessment, and resume the assessment again at a later date.

Multiple Attempts

If an assessment is allowed to take multiple times, you will see the option at the top of the assessment window. Otherwise, you can only take the assessment once. When multiple attempts are allowed you will be able to take the assessment numerous times (or limited times-defined by your instructor). Grades received on previous attempts will be reset once a new assessment attempt has begun.

Timed Assessments

Some Blackboard assessments may be timed. All timed assessments display the allotted time in the Instructions area of the test. Supported Internet browsers will indicate the time remaining in the status bar of the browser. All browsers should display a one-minute warning pop-up message when there is one minute remaining in the allotted time. You may still submit an assessment after the time limit has expired, although your instructor will be notified that the time limit was exceeded.

Example of test options

Note: If you have been locked out of an assessment you will need to contact your instructor. Your instructor is the ONLY person who can reset a quiz attempt.

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To Take A Test

Your instructor should tell you where the test has been posted in the course. In the example below, the test is stored in a folder called Week 3 under the Assignments area.

  1. Click Assignments.
  2. Click Week 3
  3. Click the title of the test.
  4. Click OK to indicate that you do want to take the test now
  5. Once you start the test, you can show Question Completion Status Bar to monitor your answering questions. In this example, 2 of 14 questions were finished.

  6. When you are done, click Submit.
  7. Click OK

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