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Students > Using Blackboard > Accessing Content

Accessing Content

  • Announcements
  • Single Items
  • Folders

Instructors often use the Announcements screen to provide you with information about the Blackboard course. Usually, when you first login to the course, it is the Announcements screen that first appears. Sometimes, however, your instructor may alter Blackboard so you login to a different area other than the Announcements screen.

If that happens, but you would like to go and see the Announcements screen, click the Announcements button on the navigation Menu Bar. Doing this will navigate you directly to the Announcements screen.

Single Items

Instructors may place course material, such as overview information on a course, as an individual item. This Single Item can then be placed in a variety of areas in Blackboard, such as Course Information, Course Documents, Lecture Notes, etc.

To access material in a single item, all you need to do is to know its location within Blackboard with a single click on the appropriate button or link.








Your instructors may want to place a number of single item course material all in one location. To properly manage the material then, instructors will create folders and place the materials there. These folders, in turn, can be placed in various sections of Blackboard.

For you to access the material inside the folders, all you need do is click the title link that is to the right of the folder. You can identify the folders by the folder icon in front of the title, and the folder title is underlined.

In the example below, a folder titled PowerPoint Presentation was created and placed in the Course Documents section of Blackboard. You can initially access the folder by clicking the Course Documents button on the navigation Menu Bar. To access the course material inside of the folder, click the PowerPoint Presentationtitle link.

Below you see the content inside the folder. Then you can click each single item to open them individually.

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