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Setting up Trusted Sites
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Blackboard Support > Technical Requirements > Trusted Sites

Setting Up Trusted Sites

PC users who regularly visit a group of safe pages can add these sites to the Trusted Zone while maintaining more stringent security for the rest of the Internet. This is needed for Visual Text Box Editor in Blackboard to function properly. For this purpose we suggest you add blackboard.bloomfield.edu to your list of trusted sites.


  1. Go to Tools > Options and select the Privacy tab.
  2. Click Cookies and then click the Exceptions button.
  3. Type in the URL you wish to allow, i.e. blackboard.bloomfield.edu, and click the Allow button

Internet Explorer 6 & 7

If the Blackboard server is in the list of Trusted Sites: When accessing Blackboard, a green check mark will (sometimes will not) appear in the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen with the label Trusted Sites. Your browser is configured properly; no need to continue.
1. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools-Internet Options-Security.  
2. Click the "Security" tab and choose the "Trusted Sites" icon. 

3. Then click on the button "Sites". A window will open, where you can add any sites that you wish to be in the Trusted zone. Be sure to remove the check by the entry "Require server verification (https:)...."

4. Enter the site of interest in the line provided. Site URLs can be typed in directly or entered by copying and pasting into the space under "Add this Web site to the zone" and choose "Paste" from the context menu.

5. The example shows the Bloomfield's Backboard site being added. Note that it is not an https site and that the appropriate box is unchecked. After entering a site click the "Add" button.



There is a "Remove" button (grayed out in the figure above), should you wish to take a site off the list.

Using wild cards
One disadvantage of using a complete URL is that it can be too specific. For example, there are related addresses such as http://campus.bloomfield.edu and these will be treated as a separate URL. To place anything contained within the entire domain "bloomfield.edu" into the trusted zone, the asterisk wildcard can be used. An entry such as "*.bloomfield.edu" will put everything in the main domain into the trusted zone.

If Restricted Sites (a red circle icon) or Internet (a globe icon) appears instead, the Blackboard server must be added to the list of Trusted Sites. Double-click the Status Bar where the Restricted Sites or the Internet icon appears. The Internet Security Properties box will open, follow the steps above to add a site to the list of trusted sites..

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