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What is Online Learning?

Online Learning—A term which refers to learning that uses Internet-based tools such as Blackboard for content delivery, communication, discussion, and submitting assignments. Learning via the Internet can be done in hybrid format—some online, some classroom meetings—or totally online. The online parts of the course are usually asynchronous, which means that you can log into your class and do assignments when it is convenient for you. Another term for online learning is distance learning.

For the best online learning experience you should have good computer skills (see “Are You Ready for Online Learning?”) and be able to work independently.

Course Formats
Bloomfield College offers two types of online courses: Hybrid courses and fully online courses.

Hybrid courses (also known as blended ) are courses in which a significant portion of the learning activities have been moved online (generally 30 - 75%), and time traditionally spent in the classroom is reduced but not eliminated. The goal of hybrid courses is to pair the best features of face-to-face teaching with the best options of online learning to promote active and independent learning and reduce class seat time. The ratio of face-to-face classes to online classes varies from instructor to instructor. in hybrid courses, the class meets face-to-face once every other class, and online for the other classes.

Fully online courses may include one or two face-to-face classes or meetings (generally the first and/or last class) but ordinarily the classes take place online.

At present, the majority of our online courses are hybrid courses.

Online Learning at Bloomfield College

Bloomfield College is committed to using technology to advance teaching and learning. We will achieve our mission through learning opportunities with high quality, professional instruction that serves the needs of a diverse population.

Our online learning offers the flexibility of distance learning at a place and time that's convenient for students. Every online course meets the academic rigor and content found in traditional college courses.

Our online courses combine academic standards and business experience in developing and refining innovative methods for delivering college courses to students at a distance. Using Internet-based technology and services, our online courses aim at attracting motivated, mature learners seeking a student-centered educational experience, as well as to on-campus students who are seeking schedule flexibility.

Is Online Learning for Me?

Successful online learning requires a special set of skills. The academic skills you mastered for traditional schooling are even more important for mastering the online course environment.
• self-discipline
• time management
• computing skills
-- read Computing Skills section for more information

Bloomfield College uses the Blackboard system for online course delivery. Blackboard is easy to learn using the online tutorial for students or by participating in the face-to-face workshops offered each semester.

Before registering for an online course, we encourage you to take the Online Learning Self-Assessment to find out how well web-based courses fit your needs and lifestyle.

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