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Succeeding in Online Learning

In general, to be succeesful in online learning, student should possess the following qualities:

  1. Be open minded about sharing life, work, and educational experiences as part of the learning process.

  2. Be able to communicate through writing.
  3. In the Virtual Classroom, nearly all communication is written, so it is critical that students feel comfortable in expressing themselves in writing. Many students have limited writing abilities, which should be addressed before or as part of the online experience.

  4. Be Self-motivated and self-disciplined.
  5. With the freedom and flexibility of the online environment comes responsibility. The online process takes a real commitment and discipline to keep up with the flow of the process.

  6. Be willing to "speak up" if problems arise.
  7. If a student is experiencing difficulty on any level (either with the technology or with the course content), he or she must communicate this immediately. Otherwise the instructor will never know what is wrong.

  8. Be willing and able to commit to 6 to 15 hours per week per course.
  9. Online is not easier than the traditional educational process. In fact, many students will say it requires much more time and commitment.

  10. Be able to meet the minimum requirements for the program.
  11. The requirements for online coruses are no less than that of any traditional classroom instructions. The successful student will view online as a convenient way to receive their education – not an easier way.

  12. Accept critical thinking and decision making as part of the learning process.
  13. The learning process requires the student to make decisions based on facts as well as experience. Assimilating information and executing the right decisions requires critical thought; case analysis does this very effectively.

  14. Have access to a reliable computer and Internet Connection.
  15. To get access to online courses and learn online, Students must have access to a computer and the Internet connection and other necessary equipment.

  16. Be able to think ideas through before responding.
  17. Meaningful and quality input into the virtual classroom is an essential part of the learning process. Time is given in the process to allow for the careful consideration of responses. The testing and challenging of ideas is encouraged; you will not always be right, just be prepared to accept a challenge.

  18. Feel that high quality learning can take place without going to a traditional classroom.

    Like quality traditional classroom learning, online learning can be effective via quality instruction, high level social interaction, timely feedback from instructor, and engaging in active learning. An online student is expected to:
    • Participate in the virtual classroom at least 5 days a week
    • Be able to work with others in completing projects
    • Be able to use the technology properly
    • Be able to meet the minimum standards as set forth by the institution
    • Be able to complete assignments on time
    • Enjoy communicating in writing.

The online learning process is normally accelerated and requires commitment on the student’s part. Staying up with the class and completing all work on time is vital.

(Adopted from Illinois Online Network )

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