Community Service

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In addition to a required community service report due at the end of the semester, a studentís community service project may be presented to their professors and classmates, during the research days (specifically through the essay topics), as well as through the student oral presentations.

1. The project is an integral part of the course and all students are required to participate. Any student who does not, or who does not honestly present his/her experiences, will lose credit for the project. Instructors will contact your project supervisors.

2. Students will be expected to report periodically on their projects in a manner determined by their discussion leader, either through journals, weekly reports, or other mechanisms.

3. At the end of the semester, every student must submit a three (3) to five (5) page report/paper describing and evaluating his/her project including its goals and outcomes.

4. END OF THIRD WEEK-ABSOLUTE DEADLINE: Students should decide on a project by the third week of the semester and provide their instructor with the name and address of the project (which may be either on or off campus) and contact information for the supervisor. But the project must be approved by the Director of the discussion group.

5. Projects must be non-paying and not part of the studentís normal personal or work life, such as caring for oneís own children or babysitting a relative or neighbor.

6. Students may choose their projects on or off campus, either on their own from activities ongoing in their community, or from a list of volunteer sites provided by the Volunteer Center.

7. LEARNING OUTCOMES: The main purpose of the community service project is to give students the experience of working for others in the community. The hope is that this experience will carry over into their lives both during and after college. At the very least it should give them a sense of how much such volunteer work is needed and how many people benefit from it.