Oral Presentations



Student-pairs’ Collaborative Oral Presentations

These are the same pairs that collaborated during the research days. Topics for presentation must be related to social responsibility. They should be approved by the group leader by the deadline of Nov 12 and could be any topic related to any one, or a combination of the themes presented in the course. Or, they could be related to one’s community service project, or to one of the essays, or other topics you are interested. Presenting on one's community service project has as its goal to share one's experiences from volunteering with one's professors and classmates.

When a pair agrees on a topic for presentation, it should begin its planning for the actual oral presentation. In fact, some time from the research-day time, can be devoted in the planning. Also, the pairs are encouraged to meet outside the classroom for fine-tuning their presentation.

The presentation format is free. Some examples are to do a traditional-style lecture, or use PowerPoint (print your slides so you can still use them in the event that the equipment do not work) and other software, or use short video clips, or apply the dialectic Socratic method, (i.e., question and answer), or a combination. Each student must contribute for the making of the presentation. For example, one student may research one aspect of the question, the other student may research a different aspect. Perhaps, optionally, a DVD or an animation may be created. If video clips are used, they must be of short time-duration, about a min or so.

Both students must speak during the presentation, each responsible for a different aspect of it. Here is a suggestion how this can be done: A good presentation must have an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. Therefore, one student may do the intro, continue with presenting half of the material of the main body, and the other student might continue to finish the main body and present the conclusion. Students of course can devise their own way too, as long as both present. A presentation style which one continuously reads from one’s notes, is not appropriate, and will be severely downgraded. Each pair has an absolute, timed total of 8 min. From these 8 min, 6 min must be the actual presentation, plus, allow 2 min for questions. At the end, a successful presentation will be the result of the collaboration between each student of a pair.

Note, it is absolutely imperative that the students of each pair, 1) practice together their presentation ahead of time in order that each one knows exactly what one must do or say the day of the actual presentation, (in other words, do not come unprepared). And 2) practice together the timing so that the time duration of the presentation is within 6 min. Presentations will be stopped at exactly the 6th min. Each pair will be graded as a pair for its collective effort, as well as each student of a pair individually (for one’s own part of the presentation).

However, each group should submit a short outline (perhaps a page) of their oral presentation describing in brief the main points which will be covered, and the references (books, journals, internet, newspapers) used.