The Course



1. 10% Participation: To receive full credit for participation you must have no absences (in both the main lecture room as well as the discussion-group room), always be on time, never leave early, be engaged and participate in the weekly class discussions, submit all work on schedule, and generally behave in a socially responsible way.

2. 50% Research Essays: You will be given a variety of topics related to each professor's theme. Then, during six research days, (two research days per professor), collaborate in pairs to research the answer to only one essay topic of your choice. This will lead to six research essays (two essays per professor). Experience the benefits of team work, leading up to an individual essay. A student who does not show up during a research day will receive an F for the essay of that day. Also the essay of a student who comes to class but does not stay until the end, will be severely downgraded. The lowest essay grade will be dropped.

3. 25% Community Service Project: You must commit a min of 30 hours. A report of your community service will be required at the end of the semester. No late reports are accepted.

4. 15% Oral Presentations: Each pair of students, (these are the same pairs that collaborate during the research days for the essays), is required to make a collaborative oral presentation during the last day of the semester. Topics for presentation must be related to social responsibility. Some time from the research-day time, can be devoted in the planning. Each pair will be graded as a pair for its collective effort, as well as each student of a pair individually (for one’s own part of the presentation). Before the presentation, each group must submit a short outline (perhaps a page) of their oral presentation, describing in brief the main points which will be presented, as well as the references used, (books, journals, Internet, newspapers).

Note: Writing assignments will be graded on content, (e.g., coherence, is the question being answered?), English (grammar, spelling), structure (paragraphs), and technicalities (quote, paraphrase, credit and do not plagiarize). A late writing assignment, (excluding the community service report which is not accepted late), will be downgraded by one full grade per late day with respect to the grade it would have received if it were on time. For example, if an on-time assignment would have received the grade of B (or B-), submitting it one day late would reduce its grade to a C (C-) two days late to a D (D-), etc. All writing assignments must be submitted in hard copies (no email attachments), stapled, and must be reproducible upon request. A writing assignment without the correct format of in-text citations and a Works Cited page will be severely downgraded.