Schedule - Old


Explanation of Course Format

Aug 29 - Th Prof. Nicolaides explains course format, themes, community service project, term paper, research days, essays, oral presentations, introduces lecturers, discuss the formation of research/discussion groups. Students are assigned to a group leader. Handouts: main syllabus, 1st presenter’s mini syllabus, community service form, list with volunteer sites.


Professor Hedli's Presentations

Sep 3 - T     Prof. Hedli begins on political science and social responsibility.

Sep 5 - Th         

Sep 10 - T         

Sep 12 - Th   

Refreshing on the Methods of Research

Sep 17 - T Prof. Nicolaides explains research, research days, and student collaborative oral presentations. Deadline for community service forms. Term paper assignment is posted on the Internet and due on Nov 6.


Research Day 1

Sep 19 - Th


Professor Morrison's Presentations

Sep 24 – T           Prof. Morrison begins on business and social responsibility.

Sep 26 - Th        

                   Oct 1 - T           

Oct 3 - Th         


Research Day 2

Oct 8 - T


Professor izzi's Presentations

Oct 10 - Th          Prof. Izzi begins on humanity law and social responsibility.

Oct 15 - T           

Oct 17 - Th        

Oct 22 - T          


Research Day 3

Oct 24 - Th


Professor Bembry's Presentations

Oct 29 - T Prof. Bembry begins on religion and social responsibility.

Oct 31 - Th

Nov 5 - T Term paper due.

Nov 7 - Th


Research Day 4

Nov 12 - T  Topics for oral presentation must be approved by group leader by today’s deadline.


Professor Nicolaides' Presentations

Nov 14 - Th      Prof. Nicolaides begins on history, science, religion and social responsibility.

Nov 19 - T        

Nov 21 - Th        

Nov 26 - T      


Research Day 5

Dec 3 - T  The essay is not due next class meeting because of the oral presentations, but it is due on the final required day of the course. Use part of today’s class to fine-tune your oral presentation.


Student-pairs’ Collaborative Oral Presentations

Dec 5 - Th Go directly to your individual classrooms. Student-pairs’ oral presentations begin. All pairs will present today. These are the same pairs that collaborated during the research days.


Final Required Day

Dec 10 - T Last class, required attendance. Prof. Nicolaides summarizes the course. Student evaluations (for the course, instructors, and their community service project). 5th take-home essay due. No late essay is accepted. Community service report due. No late report is accepted.


Final Exams Week

Dec 10 -17 Final exams week.